Please allow us to introduce: Our Executive Chef, Mr. Sobota

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Mr. Sobota, you are the new Executive Chef at the Platz Hotel. Where do you come from originally, and what are the key successes that have shaped your work during your career?

Mr. Sobota, you are the new Executive Chef at the Platz Hotel. Where do you come from originally, and what are the key successes that have shaped your work during your career?

I was born in the town of Singen am Hohentwiel near Lake Constance. Over the course of my career I have been lucky enough to have worked in some great places with some great people and to learn a lot from them. In this respect I would like to make particular mention of André Jäger at the Fischerzunft Schaffhausen, Heinz Winkler at the Residenz Heinz Winkler, Peter Knogerl at the Hotel Las Dunas in Estepona, Spain, and Martin Öxle at the Speisemeisterei in Stuttgart.

You are responsible for all of the gastronomic outlets of the Platzl Hotel. What is your guiding principle during your daily work?

A lot of what is happening at the Platzl is already very good, but as the old saying goes, the devil is in the detail, which is why my key focus is on improving the small things. I also believe it to be important to think outside of the box – and never to be afraid of developing your skills and knowledge.

What is especially important in terms of the collaboration with your team?

I always want to create an atmosphere of trust. Everyone should know that they can rely on one another. At a time when everything seems to happen very quickly, loyalty and reliability are also very important to me, and I believe in formulating shared goals. Ensuring a clear focusing on these goals strengthens the team spirit!

What kind of gastronomic direction are you intending to take in your new post? And what can the guests look forward to?

The guests at the Platzl can look forward to Alpine cuisine that is in close touch with nature and with international flavors in close collaboration with farmers from the region around Munich. The hotel and gastronomy sector has an increasing duty to support small businesses and farmers because otherwise we will lose the creative minds in the food production industry, and "generic foodstuffs" will start to take the market over.

Which challenges do you want to rise to and overcome at the Pfistermühle, the Wirtshaus Ayingers and at the Platzl Hotel over the coming months?

As I said before, it is often the details that are decisive. The challenge in this respect is in the bit-by-bit and continuous increase in the levels of quality so that we can see a magical smile on our guests' faces.

Now we are in June, it is time for fresh summertime cuisine. Do you have a fitting recipe recommendation for your guests to go with the season?

Chanterelle risotto is delicious, relatively easy to prepare and perfect for the summer. I recommend a light summer wine to go with it – beautiful!

Chanterelle risotto


200 g risotto rice

60 g finely diced onion

30 g butter

10 g olive oil

200 g chicken stock

200 g white wine

20 g portion of butter

1 branch of thyme

½ clove of garlic

300 g small, cleaned chanterelles

100 g Parmesan (at least 12 moths)

50 g butter



  • Wash the risotto rice and allow it to drain.
  • Braise the onions in butter.
  • Add the oil and rice and sauté for another 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Add the hot chicken stock, the thyme and the ½ clove of garlic, cover, and allow to cook through at low heat
  • Stir with care occasionally and allow to cook through.
  • Finally, add the grated Parmesan and fold in the butter carefully.
  • Pour in some chicken stock if required to gain a creamy consistency.
  • Let sit for approximately 20 minutes.
  • Brown the butter for the chanterelles lightly in a pan before adding the chanterelles and frying them gently.
  • Season (salt, pepper), add some chive for added flavor, or glaze with veal stock.

Serve the risotto in a pasta dish, arrange the chanterelles on the risotto, and decorate with yarrow and garlic mustard.