Opening of the new Pfistermühle

Interview with Platzl Hotel director Heiko Buchta and the restaurant's interior designer Armin Fischer.

The very successful reopening of the Pfistermühle date back only a few days. We were able to interview Platzl Hotel Manager Heiko Buchta and the interior designer of the restaurant, Armin Fischer – CEO of the renowned DREIMETA – for the Platzl online magazine. Let yourself be introduced to the new concept, and find out what to look forward to in the future.

Mr. Buchta, the central values of the new Pfistermühle are “hand made, passionate, real” – what does that mean in real terms?

Mr. Buchta:Grain was previously ground in the building, and then processed into bread. This has a tradition – the developed values describe very well, what the cuisine is about: Cooking is art, and I can only offer a guest experience, if I do it with passion. The guest will only accept it from me, if he sees that it comes from the heart, and is genuinely meant.

Mr. Fischer, how did you manage to transfer these values to the establishment?

Mr. Fischer:Just like in the kitchen, we too approach each new project with passion.

In the case of the Pfistermühle, we not only found a wonderful room architecture, but also high quality workmanship of existing stock. Unfortunately, it was just a little long in the tooth.

However, we were able to make a good start, and express the values through the materials and products that we selected.

Natural materials processed with a craftsman’s eye for detail... Where do the materials come from?

Mr. Fischer: You do not see it, but we have decided to refurbish the old wall coverings. This does not mean less work, but more: often it is easier, to completely rebuild something. In our case, everything had to be dismantled and labelled, it was refurbished, and then everything had to be put back together again, with precision work. But this is an acknowledgement of the handiwork, and was very important to us in this project.

All wooden surfaces including the old wall cladding are made of lightly oiled oak. They contrast with the dark table tops made of smoked oak.

The leather is an aniline leather made of buffalo skin, which was used for the seat and the back, and the movable back cushion.

The lights were specially designed. They are suspended from the ceiling with a jute belt, which was specially made with suitable straps and hooks.

Old flour sacks are used for the lampshades in the window recesses – another custom made product here. The wine coolers and the accompanying stands made of whetted steel, were especially made by metal workers and/or potters. The clay pots also bear the new symbol of the Pfistermühle.

The steel is in the railing of the back cushion, which can be removed and replaced at any time. The wooden knobs are antique, and each button is individual. This becomes clear when you look carefully.

Only the chairs are from one manufacture, but they have been especially upholstered with our leather.

We have tried to restore the original character and charm to the rooms, by working on the stock, and combining it with elements of the new art of handicrafts.

Apart from the completely revised design, are there also changes in the room layout, new areas etc.?

Mr. Fischer: The old counter area was removed, and so we were able to create a new sitting niche in this area. This generated further seats.

Furthermore, the existing rooms were optimized.

Mr. Buchta, will fans of the “old Pfistermühle” have to adjust to a new direction of the cuisine in future?

Mr. Buchta: NO! We have further developed our culinary offering in the last few months – we work with local products and put them in an innovative context. We are not a tavern, but a rather high end cuisine, where you can feel at home. This was received so well by our guests, that we decided to stay on this path.

What would you describe as an absolute highlight on the menu?

Mr. Buchta: The menu :-) That is for everyone to find out for themselves – and for me it is important that the menu also inspires me to try and create new dishes sometimes – that is our claim.