A hotel with history – PART 2

Last summer, here in the Platzl magazine, we began our brief foray into the eventful history of the Platzl Hotel. We got as far as the article “A hotel with history PART 1" which saw us in the 1950s, when the complex of buildings that had suffered very badly during the war was being restored by the Inselkammer family and was therefore able to reestablish its links with the splendor of the past.

The reopening of the Platzl stages

When the Platzl reopened on May 25th 1953, the guests nonetheless encountered a Platzl that was different from the one at the beginning of the century. Although the basic layout remained intact, the pillars in the center of the guest lounge had been removed and replaced with stronger cellar foundations. The “Olympic Temple of the Muses of Bavarian Humor” was therefore ready to bring a little joy to the hearts of the people living in post-war Munich during the years of reconstruction. The new Platzl stages also helped the comedians of the second generation such as Weiß Ferdl and Eringer Sepp to achieve fame and renown far beyond the city limits.

The Platzl Hotel is born

While the gags were cracked on the stage and the guest lounge reverberated to the sound of laughter, the builders and craftsmen continued their hard work until the day finally arrived that so many people in Munich had been waiting for: on July 9th 1956, in the heart of the metropolis on the river Isar, the most modern 200 bed hotel in the city finally opened – the Platzl Hotel. An especial highlight was the music which the hotel’s radio system played and that the guests were able to tune into in each of the hotel’s 130 rooms. At the time, this was something of a sensation. In the early years of the Platzl Hotel, the prices for a night’s stay ranged from between four and twelve DM per person, and each room was equipped with a telephone as standard.

Carl and Hilde Groß retire

The great success achieved by the Platzl during the challenges of its initial years was not least down to the hard work of the leaseholders Carl und Hilde Groß, a married couple who took on the management of the theater in 1953, and then the hotel in 1956. In 1973, after twenty years at the helm, during which the Platzl Hotel proved able to establish itself as one of the best addresses in Munich, Carl and Hilde took leave of their duties. The youngest son of the married couple Franz and Maria Kreszenz Inselkammer, Peter Inselkammer, then assumed management of the hotel.

The era of Peter Inselkammer

A graduate economist who had trained as a master brewer and gained considerable experience in the hospitality sector working as the landlord of the Ayinger Hof in Munich old town, Peter Inselkammer launched a program of renewal at the Platzl. And so, in time for its 20th birthday in 1976, the hotel was able to present itself in a “new look”. Changes and innovations were required in order to remain competitive, as the 1972 Olympic Games saw the number of hotel beds in Munich increase by 35 percent. Although the increasing levels of tourism partially compensated for this, it was with sound judgement that in 1978, Peter Inselkammer decided to redesign the Platzl. You can find out about the changes made to the hotel and when, as well as all the other things that happened in the years that followed, in the third and final part of this series.

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