The "Platz(l)hirschen"

Bavarian tavern Music on 25 August 2023 at Ayinger am Platzl

The "Platz(l)hirschen" at the Ayinger am Platzl

Nothing embodies the feeling of being at home better than a visit to a rustic inn - meeting friends, toasting together and eating really well. It's perfect with whimsical tavern music with great artists from the region. Munich lifestyle that you should not miss. Regularly with us at teh taverns Ayinger in der Au and Ayinger am Platzl.

There's only one Platzhirschen (eng. like "top dog) in the region, but there are four of the smaller PlatzLhirschen! So a quartet from the "Platzl Oktoberfest Chapell" has joined forces to spread Oktoberfest mood. Not only on the large stage of the Armbrustschützenzelt Florian Kopp (singing & guitar), Hans Jürgen Huber (trumpet & singing), Sigi Hinkofer (saxophone & singing) and Kevin Düringer (keyboard & singing) feel well, but also in the smaller framework one notices to them the joy in making music. With brass music, Tanzlmusi, Austropop, Wiesn classics and party music they inspire their audience again and again and in the end it is clear: Oktoberfest is not only once a year!

Start 18:30 P.M., free admission


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