11/17/2015 // Rooms

The digital age also influences daily hotel operation. [...]

11/16/2015 // Events

Only six weeks until Christmas  [...]

11/01/2015 // General

Munich has quite rightly earned the reputation as being Germany’s capital of culture. [...]

10/15/2015 // General

Our new Platzl Hotel culinary director - Herbert Thierse [...]

10/01/2015 // General

As you are certain to know, last spring we completely refurbished our banquet area. In addition to meetings, seminars and conferences, the newly... [...]

09/11/2015 // Events

Exceptional circumstances prevail in Munich from September 19. On this date Mayor Dieter Reiter will be opening the 182nd Oktoberfest on the... [...]

08/14/2015 // General

On August 8 we opened our Platzl Karree at the historical site right on the façade side of the Pfistermühle restaurant. [...]

08/01/2015 // General

We received the good news from Michael Gruse, Compliance Manager of the dfv media group, on July 2, 2015.  [...]

07/22/2015 // General

We have a reason to celebrate! The Wirtshaus Ayingers on Platzl square will be 15 years old this summer and is therefore the youngest member of the... [...]

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