07/03/2012 // Offers

Special events deserve to be celebrated.
What better way to celebrate a special occasion than with great wine?
The Pfistermühle Restaurant has very... [...]

07/03/2012 // General

Munich is characterised not only by its many cultural and leisure activities in the city, it is also in the perfect location with its close proximity... [...]

06/11/2012 // General

The annual Munich Opera Festival is the highlight of the concert season. Every year, opera lovers from around the world are drawn to the Bavarian... [...]

06/11/2012 // General

In many aspects, the arrival of summer brings with it new zest for life. Not only does the sunshine do wonders for the mind, but culinary highlights... [...]

06/10/2012 // General

It is here again at last on 8 June. All of Germany joins in the excitement when the national football team fights for the European championship. [...]

05/14/2012 // General

The beer gardens are an established fixture of the Munich Open Air Season. Big and small, young and old gather here together, different nationalities... [...]

05/14/2012 // General

As well as Oktoberfest, the Frauenkirche and the English Garden, the Isar is just as much a famous symbol of Munich. After the Danube, the Inn and the... [...]

04/18/2012 // Offers

Spring has arrived in Munich: the diverse plant life in the botanical garden blooms with the most beautiful of spring colours; the city-centre squares... [...]

04/18/2012 // General

Connected to the original meaning of the name “Tult” or “Dult”, in honor of a saint, stands were erected around the church and goods were sold.... [...]

04/17/2012 // General

Of course Munich is worth a visit all year round, but it is especially nice to go on a trip to the area surrounding the Bavarian capital in spring,... [...]

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