04/17/2012 // General

Of course Munich is worth a visit all year round, but it is especially nice to go on a trip to the area surrounding the Bavarian capital in spring,... [...]

04/17/2012 // General

Hellabrunn Zoo is not a typical zoo. It was founded in 1911 as the world’s first geo-zoo. This means that the animals live in spacious enclosures... [...]

04/17/2012 // General

The BMW World in Munich is a must for all BMW fans and automobile enthusiasts. But also for all other visitors to the Bavarian capital, the... [...]

03/14/2012 // Events

Winter is nearly over now, the days are becoming warmer and soon spring will be upon us again. InMunichthis is the perfect time of year to enjoy:... [...]

03/14/2012 // General

The winter with its record cold temperatures is now finally over and spring is already upon us. As soon as the temperatures rise Nature will reawaken... [...]

03/14/2012 // General

Those who have planned an event before know how difficult it is to create suitable conditions. At the Platz Hotel inMunichyou are at the right place.... [...]

02/17/2012 // Offers

The Platzl Bar in Munich, early evening on a Friday: events at the reception and popular hotel lobby can be followed from the comfy and stylish wooden... [...]

02/16/2012 //

The brewing of bock beers is a Bavarian tradition going back hundreds of years. This type of beer was invented by the monks of the Paulaner monastery... [...]

02/14/2012 // General

Circus Krone in Munich is Europe’s largest circus. The winter programme runs until April 2012 and sees a total of 39 artistes, animal trainers and... [...]

02/12/2012 // General

In October 2011, the Schrannenhalle once again opened its doors in the heart of Munich’s old town. In a way, it is an extension of the Viktualienmarkt... [...]

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