11/13/2012 // Offers

When the cold season begins, the Inn offers the perfect condition for a relaxing afternoon or evening in a traditional setting. In the heart of... [...]

10/09/2012 // General

The kiosk on the Reichenbach Bridge (Reichenbachbrücke)on Frauenhoferstrasse takes care of its customers nearly round the clock seven days a week by... [...]

10/09/2012 // Offers

After a day of rich experiences in the Bavarian capital, you will find in the Platzl Hotel Munich a place to relax and rest.
The Moorish Kiosk is a... [...]

10/06/2012 // General

Munich offers not only a variety of recreational opportunities, major events, and varied shopping and dining options, it also offers some impressive... [...]

08/29/2012 // Events

On 22 September people will be saying “O’zapft is! (It’s tapped)” for the 179th time. The Munich Oktoberfest, which runs until 7 October, will again... [...]

08/29/2012 // General

Each year Christmas is a wonderful occasion with good food and time to look back over the events of the past year in a cosy atmosphere. The Platzl... [...]

08/29/2012 // Events

The hottest days of the year are behind us. Autumn is slowly drawing in, lending the trees a multi-coloured splendour. Everywhere people are enjoying... [...]

08/29/2012 // General

From 9 July to 23 August the Platzl Hotel was working hard to renovate the rooms Platzl Stube and Michl-Lang-Stube. [...]

08/02/2012 // Offers

From 24 August onwards, the ball will again be rolling, since on this day, the opening match of the German Soccer League will be played between the... [...]

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