03/12/2013 // Events

The first rays of sunshine are bringing people young and old into the open air. The days are getting brighter, longer and warmer. As spring begins its... [...]

02/14/2013 // General

The Jesuit Church of St. Michael was founded as the church of the Jesuit college located in Munich at the time. It is one of the first Renaissance... [...]

02/14/2013 // Offers

Munich’s BMW World is one of the most popular sights in Bavaria, and not just because of its spectacular architecture. Besides the idea of creating a... [...]

02/14/2013 // General

Right in the heart of Munich, in the immediate vicinity of the Platzl Hotel are the medieval Platzl Gassen, which together with numerous idyllic... [...]

02/14/2013 // General

The weisswurst (white sausage) is one of the best known and most traditional dishes of Munich. It is traditionally prepared early in the morning and... [...]

01/15/2013 // General

The Hard Rock Café is known worldwide for spicy burgers in rocking atmosphere. Nearly every significant world metropolis has a branch of this popular... [...]

01/15/2013 // General

The Domberg Museum is the diocesan museum of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising. It is located on the historical Domberg (Cathedral Hill) near the... [...]

01/15/2013 // General

In the middle of Munich’s old town, Restaurant Pfistermühle offers exquisite Bavarian food and a impressive selection of wines from Franconia and... [...]

01/13/2013 // Events

The new year has just begun, and many highlights on Munich’s calendar of events are on the horizon. Festivals, arts and culture, sports or... [...]

12/11/2012 // General

The striking yellow of the Theatiner Church at Odeonsplatz reaches upward into the blue-white heaven of Bavaria. The facade of the Catholic Hof- and... [...]

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