03/15/2018 //

Time to celebrate at WIRTSHAUS AYINGERS! Our traditional Bavarian... [...]

03/02/2018 //

If you follow our magazine regularly, you will already know our fitness partner 'Bi PHiT'. With the motto 'Fitness nach Feierabend' (Fitness after... [...]

02/15/2018 //

Ms. Breitsameter, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. You manage the department of Service Coordination at the Platzl Hotel. How... [...]

01/15/2018 //

Dear readers, how would you like some sunshine, white sandy beaches and a deep blue sea in these wintry temperatures? My next gastro tip will... [...]

01/12/2018 //

It seems to be getting harder and harder to get really good, tasty and high-quality cakes. Even bakeries and cafés are working more and more with... [...]

01/02/2018 //

The turn of the year has been a very special date for centuries. Many of the customs, which go back that long, are still upheld today. We went on a... [...]

12/15/2017 //

The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are heading towards freezing point. There are various possibilities to warm up. For example you could... [...]

12/01/2017 //

It is no longer a secret: Sporting activity not only ensures physical fitness, but also has numerous emotional and mental benefits. People who... [...]

11/15/2017 //

When the temperatures fall, and your fingers get clammy, you need to know how to get warmed up properly. At the PLATZL KARREE BODEN & BAR, the JOSEFA... [...]

11/01/2017 //

Dear readers, today, I would like to take you along to the colorful and hospitable Orient. [...]

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