Wirtshaus Ayingers’ 15th Anniversary

We have a reason to celebrate! The Wirtshaus Ayingers on Platzl square will be 15 years old this summer and is therefore the youngest member of the Inselkammer family’s ensemble of businesses and an offshoot of the traditional Ayinger private brewery. In this magazine article we would like to briefly tell you the story of the brewery and the Inselkammer family before we inform you about what is being planned for the anniversary celebrations.

The beginnings of the Ayinger brewery

The Ayinger private brewery was founded in 1887 by Johann Liebhard. As he did not have any male descendants, it was August Zehentmaier, his eldest daughter’s husband, who continued to run the brewery after Liebhard’s death. Zehentmair also did not have a son and so the owner’s name changed once again after he passed away. His daughter and heir Maria Kreszenz married Franz Inselkammer in 1932.

Inselkammer – a family with history

A new era began with the entrepreneurial Inselkammer couple. The brewery, which was struggling after the war, was given a new lease of life and beer production continued to grow year after year until the eldest son Franz Junior started at the company in 1963. He took over the management of the company in 1986 after the death of Franz Inselkammer Senior. The private brewery continued to grow until it finally moved to the outskirts of Aying in 1999. One year later the Wirtshaus Ayingers opened on Platzl square to give even more people the pleasure of indulging in the outstanding Ayinger beer.

Now it’s time to celebrate

15 years have passed since then and we would like to celebrate with you and say Thank You. That is why we are organizing our exclusive birthday prize draw on Facebook 15 years of Wirtshaus Ayingers. You can win a 30 litre barrel of delicious Ayinger beer and two giant traditional “Brotzeit” boards until 1 August. All you have to do is follow Wirtshaus Ayingers on Facebook, share this post and with a bit of luck you may be a winner. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you! 

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