Wiesn 2015 in Munich

Exceptional circumstances prevail in Munich from September 19. On this date Mayor Dieter Reiter will be opening the 182nd Oktoberfest on the Theresienwiese with the traditional keg tapping. Just like every year, visitors can look forward to thrilling fairground rides, an international crowd, a party mood, great beer and tasty food. The beer tents open every day at 10 a.m. and serve the delicious Wiesn beer from major Munich breweries up to 10.30 p.m. until October 4. You are forgiven quite a bit as a result of sometimes very high alcohol levels, but there are nevertheless a few things that everyone should observe. Here are the three most important Wiesn rules to ensure that everything runs smoothly during your visit.

Wiesn etiquette

  • The special Wiesn beer with an alcohol content of more than 6% and loud song hits loosen up the limbs of even the stiffest visitors. However, it is important that you never stand on the tables while dancing and swaying to and fro. The benches are ok but anyone who steps up one level higher has to reckon on being thrown out.
  • One important rule of thumb on the Wiesn is: The nicer you are to your waiter or waitress the more fun you will have in the beer tent, as they decide how quickly you are supplied with food and drink and how much you’re allowed. So always be friendly to them and tip generously beforehand.
  • The following question has to be clarified before you even set foot on the fairground: What shall I wear? Lederhose for men, Dirndl for women – that much is clear but the details are particularly important... Don’t wear a Dirndl that does not cover the knees, trainers with traditional costume is a definite no and leave your silly hat at home.

Would you like to find out more? You can find more rules of thumb for a successful visit to the Wiesn here.

Indra Traditional Costumes

We already gave you a few tips for your Wiesn outfit above but just so that you’re really on the safe side when choosing your traditional costume, we recommend Indra’s Dirndl Ecke at the Platzl Hotel. Every customer here is personally advised on how to find the perfect Dirndl or ideal Lederhose for the Wiesn 2015.

The popular Armbrustschützenzelt

Finally we would like to introduce you to a tent that is particularly dear to our hearts for the Wiesn 2015: the Armbrustschützenzelt managed by the Inselkammer family. The Platzl also has close links to the Wiesn, as Peter Inselkammer jun. is not just the Wiesn host in the Armbrustschützenzelt but also owner of the Platzl Hotel.

What sets the tent apart: It has had its own shooting range for crossbowmen for 110 years, where the sport’s German Championships are hosted every year during the Oktoberfest. Enjoy the traditional ambience, the quaffable Paulaner Wiesn beer, roast chicken, pork knuckle and other delicious treats. The Platzl Hotel team hopes you have a great time at Wiesn 2015!

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