Beer garden time has finally reopened, and where better to spend it than in Munich, where beer gardens are all around? In order to avoid treading on the toes of any veterans of the original Bavarian “fresh air togetherness”, and so that you can freely enjoy your visit to the beer garden, we have compiled the most important rules for a harmonious beer garden visit.

Let’s start with the things that you can do without provoking sidelong glances: It is perfectly okay to bring your own food. In fact, this involves an ancient tradition that has been preserved into the present. You should however order something to drink, even if you will be waiting in vain for conventional service. The traditional beer garden operates by self-service in this respect. What you may do and also should do: Toasting! And as often as possible, to your heart’s content, with anyone who catches your eye – in the beer garden there are no social, societal or cultural boundaries.
At which point we have come to the things that you should avoid: Don’t turn away strangers who would like to sit with you, unless your beer bench is really already full. On the other hand, you should also not take a seat uninvited. The question “Is this seat free?” is indeed expected, but also essential. Although bringing your own food was mentioned above, that does not mean that you can order out into the beer garden. And finally: Place your mobile phone on mute! Ringtones disrupt the typical beer garden atmosphere, and what would a beer garden visit be without the sound of the wind in chestnut trees, birdsong and the murmur of the crowd?
The team from the Platzl Hotel wishes you a good time in a well-mannered, traditional Bavarian beer garden! ☺ It is simply always an experience that you shouldn’t miss out on…

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