Valentine’s Day

February 14th is Valentine’s Day – the day of love which is celebrated worldwide, but also a day that raises some questions.

February 14th is Valentine’s Day – the day of love which is celebrated worldwide, but also a day that raises some questions: what are the origins of Valentine’s Day? Is it celebrated in other cultures as well? Which presents are especially popular on Valentine’s Day? And what have we got planned at the Platzl for February 14th? ;-)

With cupid’s arrow in mind, we take a closer look at these questions in this article.

The history of Valentine’s Day

A cynic might dismiss Valentine’s Day as having been invented by florists which is, of course, wrong. Its historical origins can be proven without any problem. Let us take a journey far back in time to the time of the Roman Emperors and the middle of the third century AD. At that time, ancient Rome was home to a bishop by the name of “Valentin von Terni”, who married courting couples in the Christian tradition despite the ban that had been imposed by Emperor Claudius II. He incurred the wrath of Claudius and was then beheaded – on February 14th.

Valentine’s Day worldwide

The marriages concluded by Valentin apparently stood under an auspicious star, which is why the day of his martyrdom is celebrated by couples even beyond the Christian community to this day. The customs in the different parts of the world vary a little though. In western cultures, for example, couples usually give each other a small present on Valentine’s Day and spend a cozy evening together. In South Africa, however, people go to street parties and wear white and red colored clothes – colors which symbolize purity and love. In Japan, Valentine’s Day comes in two parts: on February 14th girls present guys with chocolate and if the guys share their feelings with them, they present girls with white chocolate on March 14th.

Popular presents on Valentine’s Day

Giving gifts as an expression of love is therefore a big tradition! We can find out which presents are especially popular among Germans on Valentine’s Day by taking a look at last year’s study by in which 2.6 million search requests were evaluated. It comes as little surprise that flowers come out on top and are still the most popular, yet personal photo gifts and “practical” things are also gaining ground. If you would like join the majority, we are pleased to recommend the florists Blumen Bahlmann who are situated a short distance from the Platzl Hotel.

A romantic dinner at the Platzl

One thing that the study doesn’t look at is what lovers actually enjoy doing on Valentine’s Day. We assume that many couples like to go out for a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day, and it goes without saying that we have also created a special menu at the Platzl. In the name of love, this year the Pfistermühle will be opening on the day of the week when it is usually closed and our head chef has left nothing to chance with his choices: oysters, pomegranate and chocolate are all foods that have an aphrodisiac effect. The full menu is provided here. Enjoy your meal!

Of course, you can also give our offers to others as a present in the form of a voucher. Contact us or simply use our voucher shop.