They come around every year: New Year’s resolutions ...

What would a new year be without those resolutions which we make again every January? And yet, did you know that from a statistical perspective, 87 percent of all resolutions are doomed to fail? Our suggestions may help you make sure that you are on the right side of the statistics this year.

Be part of the 13 %

  • Write down your resolutions: it means you will remember them. 99 percent of all resolutions are only spoken – and are easily forgotten.
  • Next, turn the resolutions that you've made into specific goals: ‘Doing more sports’ is a good resolution but it is not a goal. ‘Jogging at least five kilometers twice a week for the whole year’ is a goal that is easy to follow, however.
  • Approach your resolutions on a step-by-step basis: ‘I want to lose 10 kilos’ sounds like a very big project. It sounds much easier if you resolve to lose just 1 kilo a month – and that is even 12 kilos in the year.
  • Discuss your resolutions with other people: almost everyone who makes resolutions talks about them, but usually only until the end of January. It is more effective to make your family and friends into your 'motivators' and get them to check your progress on a regular basis. Sometimes it is much more difficult to lie to others than to yourself.

Some of the Platzl employees' New Year’s resolutions

Hopefully, you have been able to gain some valuable suggestions for your new year's resolutions. If you do not have any resolutions yet, and you could use some inspiration, here are some of the Platzl employees' New Year’s resolutions. We will fill you in on which of their resolutions they succeeded in keeping after this year is over.

Director, Mr. Buchta:

"… staying in good health and being open to new things."

Sales & Marketing Director Stefanie Brinkmann:

"… no longer helping my son to tidy up his room – it is his job!"

Sales & Event Manager Elena Fischer-Barnetzki:

"... enjoying those little moments in life more."

Sales & Marketing Assistant Alexandra Weber:

"… learning how to snowboard as soon as we get some snow ;-)"

Bellboy Harkrischan Marwah:

"... to cycle 5,000 km on my bike. Last year I 'only' managed 2,300 km."

Kitchen Assistant for Banquet Cuisine Birgit Braune:

"… to eat healthy food, to partake in more sports and to do another bungee jump."

Head Chef Herbert Thierse:

"... to create some more varied and innovative dishes for vegans or vegetarians."

What are your resolutions?

As we found out above, you can find keeping to your resolutions easier if you share them with other people – the more the better! You are therefore welcome to share your new years' resolutions for 2016 with us on Facebook. We will reward the most innovative resolutions with a small gesture of appreciation. We are looking forward to your posts!

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