The „Wiesn Insider Tips” of the world-largest folk festival

Did you know that there are letter boxes on the festival grounds especially for the Oktoberfest, where the inserted letters get a special postmark of the German post office? Or did you know that this year’s Oktoberfest is one day longer due to the national holiday? Read these and further Oktoberfest insider tips for locals and especially for guests from all over the world in this blog post.

“Mittagswiesn” (Oktoberfest at noon)

During the week special menus and delicacies will be offered until 3pm. The atmosphere is often more traditional and peaceful and therefore spontaneous visitors also get a place in the sunny beer gardens or in one of the tents without long waiting times.

The Oktoberfest´s carrier pigeon

Letters which are inserted into the letter boxes placed at the Oktoberfest get a special postmark by the German post office. These postmarks are quite popular with collectors.

The question of the bow

The position of the bow at a Dirndl´s skirt (Dirndl: traditional Bavarian costume for women) gives information about the relationship status of this woman. If the bow is in front and on the left side, the woman is single. The woman is already taken or married, when the bow is on the right side. A central bow is for virgins. Widows and waitresses wear their bow at the back.

Picture source: flickR / elmada


When the tents are closing the party in Munich is going on. Many clubs and special locations attract visitors with “After-Wiesn-Specials” and partying on until the small hours. See further information and event tips in the magazine “Prinz” or on and

Thanks to public holiday – one more day

On Monday the 3rd October is the national holiday in Germany, the “Day of German Unity” (German: “Tag der deutschen Einheit”). Therefore the last day of this year’s Oktoberfest is not a Sunday, but rather it will be extended to Monday.

Costume procession

First held in 1835, the costume procession is one of the highlights of the Oktoberfest for many years. It takes place on the first Sunday of the Oktoberfest, this year on September 18th. From 10am onwards and only a few meters away from Platzl Hotel Munich, almost 8,700 participants start an approx. 7 kilometers walk beginning at the Maximilianstraße by Munich’s city center towards the Theresienwiese.

In this way they show their traditional costumes, customs and folk dances. So these costume procession in Munich is probably one of the largest worldwide. In addition to the “Trachtler” (performers in traditional costumes), shooters, chapels, marching and fanfare bands, there are more than 40 festively decorated carriages of the Munich breweries. The costume procession is headed by the “Münchner Kindl” (a young woman representing the town of Munich) who leads the way on the horseback in direction to the Theresienwiese.