Nowadays, it is simply impossible to imagine everyday life without social media! Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most important social media channels with which we can interactively communicate with our fans. Fans therefore play an important role in the daily life of a company. The Platzl Hotel has been successfully using these channels and has been active on Instagram since April of this year. With the user name #platzlhotelmunich, the Platzl provides its fans – also known as “followers” – with news and pictures from the hotel as well as a behind-the-scenes impression.

Let’s face it – so far, our activity on Instagram has been limited, which is why there have been fewer pictures for our followers to like or comment on during the past few months. This will change starting now! Since the end of August, we have started to take off and are keeping our fans updated through regular posts. We have posted almost every day since 20th August and our fans have been thanking us with likes and kind comments! This will of course continue on into September…
You’ll be surprised. Follow us on Instagram and look forward to many new pictures from the Platzl Hotel!

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