In October 2011, the Schrannenhalle once again opened its doors in the heart of Munich’s old town. In a way, it is an extension of the Viktualienmarkt food market, but it also very much has its own identity. It has quickly become one of the top addresses for all lovers of quality delicatessen foods. The German word “Schranne” comes from the Italian “scranna”, meaning “corn”, and this is where the story of Munich’s Schrannenhalle began.


Every day, a corn market was held outside Munich’s town hall, the residence of the Bavarian king, Maximillian II.  But he found the constant noise of the market disturbing, so he decided it should be moved and commissioned architect Franz Karl Muffat to design a corn exchange on the site of the Viktualienmarkt.  His vision was to create a spectacular hall made of wrought iron and glass which would represent the pinnacle of existing technology. In a record time of just two years, the 430-metre-long complex was erected, with two end buildings and a central block.  At first, business was good, but soon a large market hall in the south of the city began to take customers away from the Schranne because of its more convenient location.   The empty sections were used to house smaller markets, and in 1914 a large part of the hall was dismantled. A few years later, the remaining structure was gutted by fire. 50 years on, the parts that had been removed were “found” and it was decided to re-erect the hall in its original location. The reconstruction works began in 2003 and the new Schrannenhalle opened in 2005. At first it housed market stalls and also acted as an event venue, but this concept proved to have only limited success among Munich’s residents and visitors.


Since 13th October 2011, the Schrannenhalle is once again a traditional market hall in a modern setting. Shoppers can enjoy the pleasant ambiance as they browse among the lovingly-decorated market stalls. The Schrannenhalle combines a traditional market atmosphere with the demands of modern shoppers. The hall is home to attractive stalls offering all kinds of specialist foods from well-known vendors, including the “Südtiroler Bauernladele”, the “Sizilianische Pasticceria”, the “Steirerladen”, and stalls offering French delicacies.  Another highlight is the new Segafredo training centre, where coffee-lovers can learn to master the art of the barista.


The Schrannenhalle is open from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm, Monday to Saturday. Visit theofficial Website for more information about the Schrannenhalle (page only available in German).


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