Every year before Christmas the delicious smell of roasted almonds, hot spicy mulled wine and punch attract numerous visitors and locals to the famous Christmas Markets in Munich City centre.

Every year before Christmas the delicious smell of roasted almonds, hot spicy mulled wine and punch attract numerous visitors and locals to the famous Christmas Markets in Munich City centre.

Only a couple of minutes walk from the Platzl Hotel you can find a large choice of traditional Christmas Markets, each of them with its own special character and plentiful different offers: We are pleased to offer you an overview over the most beautiful and most traditional Christmas Markets in the heart of Munich.

„Christkindlmarkt“ and „Kripperlmarkt“ at the Münchener Marienplatz (26. November to 24. December 2012; U-Bahn U3 und U6, S-Bahn, Tram, Bus: Stop Marienplatz)

The oldest and largest Christmas Market of Munich is the „Münchner Christkindlmarkt” at the Marienplatz. Its „Kripperlmarkt“ is part of the traditional “Münchner Christkindlmarkt” since mid 18th century and therefore is an inherent part of Munich’s history. This might be the reason why it also is called “The Original”. The authentic “Krippen” (handcrafted nativity scenes) originate from the Bavarian Alps as well as from the Far East. Next to these curiosities, that can be equipped with little lanterns for the stable, straw for ox and donkey, and gold, incense and myrrh of the Three Magi, you can also admire and purchase original carvings from South Tirol, Oberammergau and the Erzgebirge. Furthermore scrumptious culinary delights, like crapes, tangy Bratwurst and regional potato delicacies, can be enjoyed. The “Kripperlmarkt” at the Rindermarkt, just next to the Marienplatz, is probably the largest of its kind in Germany. It is situated only 5 minutes walk away from the Platzl Hotel.

Image: flickR Nutzer Jametiks

Special Highlights of the “Christkindlmarkt” at the Marienplatz

  • The „Kripperlschauen“ (Kripperl Gazing)
    The historic „Stadtkrippe“, which was created in 1953, can be viewed at the inner courtyard of the town hall, the so called “Prunkhof”. The „Oberammergauer Großkrippe“ you will find directly at the „Kripperlmarkt.” Furthermore a traditional Munich “Kripperlwalk” is taking place between 26th November 2012 and 02nd of February 2013. Here you can look at different “Krippen” at a circular route through diverse churches of the city centre.
  • The „Himmelwerkstadt“ (Heavens Workshop)
    For your youngest from six to twelve years, the „Himmelswerkstatt“ will open its gates. Here the kids can let their creativity run wild whilst making their own Christmas decoration and baking their own Christmas cookies. There is also time to play and according to their whims and wishes, and with the help of professionals from the Munich Children and Youth Museum, the kids can slip into the role of a little angel.
  • The „Christkindl-Postamt“ (Christkindl Post Office)
    A special service, originated in Upper Austria, is offered to the children by the “Christkindl-Postamt”. In the “Prunkhof”, the inner courtyard of the Munich town hall, you can find this special postbox. The children can address their personal letters directly to the “Christkind”. In Bavaria children believe that it is the “Christkind” who brings them their presents. (The “Christkind” is the German name of Baby Jesus). Your children will be delighted when they will get an answer from the “Christkind!” It is also possible to send Christmas wishes to friends. All letters will be delivered before the 24th December.
  • Special Tip: Adventmusic from the town hall balcony
    Every day between 17:30 – 18:00 and on the 24th December at 12:00 noon you can experience the Advent in a special musical way. Bavarian musicians and Folksingers present traditional Bavarian Christmas songs and music and invite you to listen, sing along.
  • The visit of the holy St. Nicholas
    Every afternoon between 16:00 – 18:00 St. Nicholas comes to visit the audience at the Marienplatz. Every now and then he stops for a little chat with children and adults. Children love St. Nicholas and are usually very taken by this special moment. St. Nicholas doesn’t mind at all to have his picture taken together with one of his little admirer. On 5th December and 19th December St. Nicholas is joined by the “Kramperl”. The “Kramperl” are some frightening looking creatures that usually accompany St. Nicholas. This tradition is about 500 years old and definitely worth visiting it.

„Christkindlmarkt“ at Sendlinger Tor (26. November to 23. December 2012, U-Bahn U1, U2, U3, Tram: Stop Sendlinger Tor)

At the historic Sendlinger Tor you can experience the Advent in an especially romantic way. This cosy Christmas Market has a particularly Christmassy atmosphere with affectionately decorated little huts, classy handcrafts and culinary specialties like grilled corn cobs, baguettes, potato-specialties, German Lebkuchen, crapes and much more… a special treat for the kids is the “Kasperltheater”, a traditional puppet show. This market is also popular for its special background music performed by various traditional musicians amongst them blind musicians. Another Highlight of the market is its historic merry-go-round.

Christmas Market in the Münchner Residenz (26. November to 24. December 2012, U-Bahn U3, U6, S-Bahn: Stop Marienplatz) truly ancient Christmas village with magic forest, belfry and life-size nativity scene, can be found just a few steps from the Platzl Hotel. It is located in the “Kaiserhof” of the Münchner Residenz. Next to culinary delights the market offers a fascinating display of heritage hand crafts. Here you can find carvings made from wood and also buckhorn, hand woven carpets or fancy Christmas ornaments. The market also offers a daily live program of traditional music.

Image’s Source: flickR’s user: heatheronhertravels

Christmas Market at Chinesischer Turm (01. December to 23. December 2012, Bus 54 oder 154: Stop Chinesischer Turm, Tram 17:Stop Tivolistraße, U-Bahn U3, U6: Stop Giselastraße)

A little outside of Munich’s historic city, the Christmas Market at the Chinesischer Turm in the middle of the Englischer Garten invites to a dreamy stroll through the romantic scenery. When you get hungry from all the fresh air, some freshly baked cookies and some solid grilled steaks are waiting for you. If all this isn’t romantic enough for you – how about a ride in a horse carriage through the wintry park?

„Historischer Mittelaltermarkt at Wittelsbacherplatz“(26. November to 23. December 2012 U-Bahn U3, U6: Stop Odeonsplatz)

This historic market makes you feel like being transferred a couple of centuries back in time. Here you will meet heroic knights, charming noble woman, jugglers, gleemen, and craftsmen. Next to freshly oven baked “Steynbrot”, grilled pork, flat bread and diverse bakeries, brandy punch and a special hot drink called “Drachenglut” (dragon blaze) can be tasted. The medieval atmosphere is completed by medieval live music, and different shows including fire and dance shows.