The golden autumn for cineastes: Special cinemas in Munich

The Gabriel Filmtheater (S-Bahn/subway Hauptbahnhof /Central Station, subway Königsplatz)

The Gabriel is not only the oldest cinema in Munich – it is probably one of the oldest of the world. On April 21, 1907 the cinema opened with the name “The American Bio-Cie. –Carl Gabriel’s theatre of alive pictures”. During the first years the cinema was family-owned. But in 1936 the Gabriel was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Bueche. Today the third generation of this family manage the business. Several renovations have transformed the cinema over the years: The uncomfortable wooden benches were replaced by original theatre seats for example. But besides that you can still feel the atmosphere of the good old days. By way of example the foyer of the year 1956 with its marble floors and its beautiful curved bar invites you to sit down for a drink.

The Monopol (subway Hohenzollernplatz)

The new Monopol cinema opened at August 3, 2011 and is one of the latest cinematic art houses in Munich. The cinema combines the latest technology with a selected program and many special events. Awarded with the Schwabing Art Price and the Programm Price of Munich, the Monopol shows each kind of films – blockbusters, but also ambitious art films. At the moment there is also a special “chair sponsorship” for the 199 new chairs of the cinema going on. Therefore private persons, associations and companies can sponsor one or more chairs and thus support the exclusive program of the cinema.

The Cinema (subway Stiglmaierplatz)

People from all over the world come together in the Cinema. In the rather narrow foyer there is mostly a jumble of different languages. The Cinema shows English films in original version usually without subtitles. According to that you can also enjoy the American ice cream Ben & Jerry’s. During the summer months it’s served in scoops and not (as in many other places) in cups. Another special is the “sneak preview” where the visitors don’t know which movie is playing until it starts.

The Mathaeser (S-Bahn, subway Karlsplatz/Stachus)

The “Mathaeser Multiplex Kino” opened in 2003 in the building complex “Mathaeser” in the Bayerstraße. Before that, there was a beer hall next to the cinema, which was one of the world´s largest at this time. Today, there are over 4,000 seats in the 14 cinemas of the building with just about 800 seats in the largest one. 3D Movies with the “Real D” technology are shown in three of the cinemas. With this technology only one projector is needed. The advantage is that the 3D effect doesn´t get lost when the head of the visitor is too low. Generally you can watch all current blockbusters and several family movies at the Mathaeser. Besides the cinemas there are a lounge bar, an ice cream shop and many other outlets located in the building – everything to have a good time before or after the movie.

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