The event highlights in Munich in January 2011

Starting with this post we are going to recommend to you the current event highlights in Munich every month. After locals and guests from around the world could enjoy the many Christmas markets and events in Munich in December there will be numerous highlights in the Bavarian state capital in January too:

Shows and concerts in Munich

Pictures of an Exhibition (GOP Varieté Theatre in Munich: January 6 – March 6, 2011)

Inverted world in the GOP Varieté Theatre Munich: The director Karl-Heinz Helmschrot let the music of the Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky come to life. He uses the stage as a canvas and “paints” with world class artists in various colors. The show is performed until March 6, 2011.

Pasion de Buena Vista (Deutsches Theater in Munich: January 4 – 16, 2011)

Let yourself be enchanted of the idyllic winter wonderland in Munich for one evening and enjoy the lifestyle of Cuba with Caribbean rhythms. The live band and exceptional scenery let you spend an evening on holiday. Pasion de Buena Vista is shown until January 16, 2011 at the Deutsches Theater Munich.

Events in Munich

Crashed Ice World Championship 2011 (Olympic Park in Munich: January 15, 2011)

Last year, the World Cup which is a spectacular blend of ice hockey, snowboard cross and ski downhill was held in only two locations in Munich and the Canadian Quebec. In 2011, the competition already stops in four cities. Munich will be the host city of the first race on January 15, 2011. Especially for this event a 400 meters track will be built in the Olympic Park. The only fly in the ointment: In 2010 the event was free of charge and attracts about 50,000 visitors. This year you will have to purchase a ticket.

The long Night of Architecture (Munich and Region: January 21, 2011)

Locals and visitors from all over the world can discover many spectacular buildings in Munich. The first “Long Night of Architecture” on January 21, 2011 allows all interested people to visit more than 30 architectural highlights with expert guidance. There is also a free shuttle bus service.

Winter Sports Festival 2011 (Olympic Park in Munich: January 28 – 30, 2011)

For the second time the free winter sports festival will be held in the Olympic Park in Munich from January 28 to 30, 2011. A variety of winter sports can be tried and the experts of the Bavarian winter sports clubs will give advice for the latest winter sports equipment. In addition, an extensive show program is offered.

Art & Culture in Munich

Orientalism in Europe – From Delacroix to Kandinsky (Kunsthalle der Hypo-Kulturstiftung in Munich: January 28 – May 01, 2011)

With some 150 paintings and sculptures, the exhibition presents the diverse interpretations of the Islamic Orient, North Africa and the Middle East by almost 100 western European artists. This survey starts with Napoleon’s Egyptian Campaign (1798–1801) and continues through to the Modernism of the early 20th century.

Picasso: Artist’s books (Museum Brandhorst in Munich: November 25, 2010 – March 6, 2011)

The Museum Brandhorst was opened last year and had a successful opening period. Since November 25,2010 the Museum Brandhorst is staging its first exhibition, “Picasso: Artist’s Books”, thereby making another section of the Brandhorst Collection accessible to the public with an exemplary selection of works. The main topics of the exhibition are, for instance, Picasso’s love of experimenting with different printing techniques and artistic means of expression as well as his close cooperation with authors and publishers.