This dance is a traditional dance of the coopers, which are called “Schäffler”. The origin of the dance lies in a century-long tradition and is only held every seven years and at special occasions – 2012 it is happening again!

The dance is originated in Munich and remembers the years of the Pest, the so-called “black death” in 1515-1517, in which people feared to go out on the street because they worried that the disease still hadn’t been defeated. To cheer the people up and to make them come out on the streets again a cooper had the idea of organizing a joyful spectacle. To conduct this idea the coopers were searching for another guild to join in. Eventually the butchers were willing to help them by jumping into the fountain “Fischerbrunnen” at the end of the event – to show that the air and water were clean again.

The dance of the “Schäffler” is a complex figure dance where the coopers hold up hoops and make special movements. Dressed in their colorful traditional costumes they offer a spectacular sight. The tradition of the dance is still carried out by the professional association of the “Schäffler Munich”. For guests and friends of the Platzl Hotel Munich the “Schäffler” dancers perform on the Platzl Square.

Schäfflertanz 2012 on the Platzl Square in Munich

24th January 2012, at 6:30 p.m.
Platzl Square, in front of Ayingers Inn


Source: Andreas Neumeier / Flickr

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