Ayingers Inn is the ideal place to kick off a beautiful Oktoberfest day or maybe bring it to a successful close. Here you can experience vibrant Bavarian tavern tradition right in the heart of the Bavarian capital. From the original “Münchener Weißwurst” to pork roast to fresh fish from local lakes—there is something on offer for everyone. Just in time for Oktoberfest, you can look forward again to the traditional Ayinger “Festbier” (festival beer). This naturally cloudy seasonal specialty is brewed according to ancient tradition and has an alcohol content of 5.8% vol. A double-mashing technique combines three different types of malt to create the warm, coppery brown colour and characteristic malty, aromatic taste. There is no mistaking the light bouquet of orange peel, ripe apples and nuts. With a soft and supple initial touch, the long-lasting finish is marked with a pleasant liveliness. A hint of roasted ripe apples lingers on the tongue. The perfect beer for a late autumn mood.

The Ayinger “Festbier” tastes best at 8°C and is the perfect accompaniment to the seasonal Oktoberfest treats.

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