The Pfistermühle Restaurant

The Pfistermühle restaurant offers a truly special Bavarian gourmet experience. We spoil you with up-scale Bavarian cuisine made with fresh local ingredients, paired with new creations and seasonal variety. Your journey through Bavarian cuisine will be accompanied with your choice of exquisite wines from Franconia and other top wine regions.

Enjoying the Bavarian ambience

The Pfistermühle restaurant is located next to the Platzl Hotel in the heart of Munich’s old town within the walls of a former mill. Particularly noteworthy is the history of the mill, as this was once the home of the Munich’s famous Hofpfisterei (royal bakery). When the Hofpfisterei moved to another building, the mill was turned into a restaurant when the Platzl Hotel was being constructed. The completed hotel and new Pfistermühle restaurant celebrated their joint opening in September 1988. At first, the restaurant was operated from the Platzl Hotel’s kitchens, but a year later it opened its own kitchen. With all the other 27 mills in the city long out of service, the Pfistermühle is the only one left in Munich with some of its building still preserved. Particularly noteworthy is the restored vaulted ceiling from the Renaissance period. Today, the 160 m² restaurant has four dining rooms, providing the right atmosphere for every taste.

Outdoor seating opening

As beautiful Munich is gradually freed from the many snows of winter and the first flowers stretch their petals, the Platzl Hotel and restaurants are getting ready for spring. You can enjoy the first warm rays of springtime sun in the Pfistermühle’s outdoor seating which will be open on nice days starting in mid-April. Thirty seats are available in the beer garden in front of the house. Also try the special seasonal offers. Inspiration from the current menu can be found at:www.pfistermuehle.de

Picture source: flickr (franksw80)

Wirtshaus Ayingers

The second restaurant, the Wirtshaus Ayingers, awaits your visit this spring with its traditional regional cuisine. Munich weisswurst, roast pork, fish from regional streams and six different types of beer – you’ll find everything your heart desires. The large outdoor area with 80 seats is already open whenever the weather’s nice. There you can enjoy the awakening spring and seasonal delicacies to their fullest. For the menu, please visit: www.ayingers.de

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