Schöttle’s gastro tips

Dear Platzl-Magazine-Readers, my name is Martin Schöttle and I am responsible for the Food & Beverage department at the Platzl Hotel. From now on, I will provide you with culinary suggestions in our magazine on a regular basis. To start off this series, let me introduce you to two attractive locations in our neighborhood: firstly, the Cole & Porter at the Hofstatt Shopping Arcades, and secondly the HeimWerk Restaurant on the Friedrichstraße.

Cole & Porter

The Cole & Porter Café – Bar – Wine – Food at the Hofstatt is managed by Martin Hörner, one of my old friends. It is a small but lovely bar with a fine interior courtyard.

In this stylish bar guests can enjoy a light beer fresh from the barrel, one of the biggest selections of gin in Munich and a great variety of whiskeys. The interior courtyard with its patio is one of the highlights in downtown Munich, and it is a place where guests enjoy great music and a superb open air atmosphere in both the summer and winter months, with the party often continuing after 11:00 p.m. at night. An opening glazed design feature gives the guests on the outside the feeling of being right by the bar.

The advantages of the Cole & Porter

  • Very personal service
  • A wide and high quality selection of wines and spirits (especially gin and whiskey)
  • Thanks to the interior courtyard guests can sit outside after 11:00 p.m.

The HeimWerk restaurant

The HeimWerk restaurant  is dedicated to local cuisine, and serves classic dishes such as Schnitzel, hash browns and sugared pancakes with raisins. In a modern atmosphere, you can enjoy freshly prepared dishes made with regional products at fair prices. The focus is brought to sustainable and high quality preparation which you can taste with every bite. The sustainability doesn’t end up with the food: the furnishings, cutlery and crockery are sourced from local manufacturers, too.

A brief summary of the bonus points of the HeimWerk restaurant:

  • Authentic flavor: natural, fresh, regional and at fair prices
  • A meal or a snack: for those with bigger or smaller appetites
  • Quick or cozy: order at the counter or at your table and pay upon leave
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