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Dear readers, today, I would like to take you along to the colorful and hospitable Orient.

Dear readers, today, I would like to take you along to the colorful and hospitable Orient. We do not have to go far – the spice bazaar is just a 5 minutes walk from the PLATZL HOTEL. Opulent, exotic and simply something a little different - the perfect alternative to the PFISTERMÜHLE or the WIRTSHAUS AYINGERS.

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Martin Schöttle


Oriental Mediterranean cuisine made from the best ingredients

Although the style of cuisine in spice bazaar is very different from the PLATZL gastronomy, both cuisines follow a very similar philosophy. Quality and meticulous handling of foods are also top priorities at spice bazaar. Organic certified meat, fresh vegetables and high quality spices are transformed into Oriental-Mediterranean specialities completely by hand - no canned goods or ready made products are used in the cooking. You can taste this dedication in every single bite.


Comfortable glamour with a hint of Marrakesh

In the best location in Munich, and yet protected from the hustle and bustle of Maximilianstraße, the warm light that shines out from the wide window fronts, magically draws you in. The Oriental fabrics and woods of the furnishings, the colors of apricot and coral red, the high ceilings and low hanging lights, even the table layout - it is almost as if you were in a Bazaar in Marrakesh or Istanbul. However, without the hustle and bustle and the hectic pace, because in spite of the colorful shine, a very comfortable atmosphere prevails in the spice bazaar: Relaxed waiters, appealing aesthetics and pleasant aromas.


A little holiday on your plate

However, your little trip to the Orient only reaches its highpoint, when the colorful creations are on the table. From “raw marinated” to “lightly grilled” or “slow cooked”, the selection of main courses quickly makes it clear: There are no ordinary dishes here! Quite the opposite: The chefs have clearly put a great deal of thought into the composition of the dishes, no detail is left to chance. The result: Creative cuisine, prepared on the spot and seasoned to perfection - at spice bazaar you can enjoy a little holiday on your plate!

Image Source: Pixabay