Schöttle's Gastro Tip: Aloha Poke

Dear readers, how would you like some sunshine, white sandy beaches and a deep blue sea in these wintry temperatures? My next gastro tip will definitely awaken some summery feelings. Let me introduce: The restaurant Aloha POKE in the Türkenstraße.

Hawaii meets Munich

The name already indicates type of cuisine at the Aloha POKE. “Poke” (pronounced: Po-Kay) describes the Hawaiian national dish – a fresh salad made of raw fish and a variety of other ingredients. It roughly translates to “cut into small pieces” and comes from the fact that fishermen in Hawaii diced up the fish they caught into small cubes, even on the fishing boat, and mixed it with the delicacies from home.

Thomas Kruse came up with his idea to offer “Poke” in Munich during a three-month trip to Hawaii. When he came back, he met with the Munich restaurateur Claus Kratzeisen, and then it was not long before the Aloha POKE opened in the Türkenstraße.

Opposites attract – the tandem of Aloha POKE

Tom Kruse actually had no interest in catering. He produced reportages for television, until he landed in Hawaii for a while, and fell in love with the country, the people and especially the food. Claus Kratzeisen on the other hand, is a well known name on the Munich restaurant scene. I personally know him from my time at the Bayerischer Hof, where he worked as the Gastronomical Director for years. From him I learnt, among other things, that only the highest quality brings long term success. The high quality standard, and Kratzeisen’s experience, combined with Kruse’s originality and love of the Hawaiian lifestyle, make the two of them a great team.

The dishes and the ambience at Aloha POKE

Now for the most important part: The food and atmosphere in the restaurant. It is very clearly a street food concept, so you should not expect French service or fine table covers. You order your Poke at the counter – there are two bowl sizes. Only you decide which ingredients go into it, and there are dozens of ingredients to choose from. Sustainably harvested fish and seafood, regional vegetables, fresh fruit, herbs, grains and various dressings… if you are overwhelmed by the up to 4 million possible combinations, you can simply order a house bowl with the tried and tested mixture of ingredients.

You can then eat the exotic delicacies very informally, on the natural wooden benches and tables. The casual atmosphere makes it easy to get to talk to other guests. Have a Pali-Limo with it, and in true Hawaiian style you can ‘hang loose’!


Image source: Aloha POKE https://www.aloha-poke.com

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