The golden autumn – the season of red-yellow shimmering leafs and clear blue skies – has reached Munich. This is a perfect time to forget the hectic daily routine for a few hours and to be completely dedicated to special treats. In the historic ambiance of the Restaurant Pfistermühle you can enjoy regional specialties of the upscale Bavarian cuisine and a large range of national and international wines.

The special wines of the Restaurant Pfistermühle

Besides a selection of international wines from Italy, France and other popular wine destinations, regional products ­- especially from the area of Franconia – are on the focus of the restaurants wine list.

A special range of white wines and red wines are from the wine estate Juliusspital. The wine estate was founded in 1576 by ​​the Prince-Bishop Julius Echter. Until today it still operates a hospital and other social facilities with a part of the revenue. Over all, the vineyard has a total area of about 170 hectares for the different wine grapes. Juliusspital is famous for natural wines from sustainable and traditional growing full of freshness and authenticity.

The wine estate Wirsching is located in the same area and it is also famous for its wines. The family-owned company is 375 years old and known for sustainable production and numerous awards. All wines are produced according to strict VDP-criteria. The American wine inspector Bruce Sanderson sees the 2009 Julius-Echter-Berg-Riesling großes Gewächs as the best dry Riesling in Franconia.

Another example for the restaurants wine selection are the wines for the wine estate Fürst Löwenstein. This family-owned business produces German quality wines from the Rheingau and Franconia since 1611. Since 2010 the wine estate is located in the palace garden. It combines tradition with modern elements and provides excellent wines from premium growing areas in Germany.

Venison specialties of the local hunting

The Restaurant Pfistermühle offers various venison specialties which fit perfectly to the selection of wines and the autumn season. This meat comes exclusively from the hunting in the area of the Ammergauer Alps. The largest Bavarian nature reserve and former royal hunting area is characterized by vast forest areas with just a few huts and touristic development. Therefore it is an ideal area for wildlife. In comparison to animals in enclosures the meat has more muscles and less fat which makes it excellent for the upscale cuisine.
Bild: Ammergauer Alpen (Quelle: flickR Paleontour)

In addition to other specialties, wine and venison can be enjoyed at the 7-course Gala Menu New Year´s Eve 2011.

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