Please allow us to present our new Josefa Bar & Kaffee

A Successful Grand Opening at 'Sparkling Munich'

The anticipation for the opening of our Josefa Bar & Kaffee was plain to see just a few days before the event. On the evening of April 22nd, the waiting was finally over: our Josefa Bar & Kaffee opened to a fanfare as part of the luxury 'Sparkling Munich' bar hopping event. We were especially pleased about the numbers, as the exclusive hotel bar in Munich city center was filling with guests within minutes.

It was therefore of little surprise that a party mood quickly spread throughout the lobby. In the modern comfort of the luxury bar, the guests enjoyed creative cocktails and tasty Munich snacks. The superb opening night was rounded off to perfection by DJ Quang and his popular set, the crazy ice maker and beautiful dancers. After the successful grand opening, guests can be sure that the Josefa Bar & Kaffee will continue to invite guests to have fun and enjoy themselves in the heart of Munich.

Interview with architect Niki Szilagyi

We are happy to have been able to hire Ms Szilagyi for the design of the Josefa Bar & Kaffee. Find out more about the idea behind the concept and the realization here.

What inspired you for the redesign of the new Josefa Bar & Kaffee and the lobby?

For me, elegance and comfort clearly belong together. The luxury and quality of the Platzl should be plain to see. This is because on the one hand, a bar and a lobby are a place to see and be seen, while on the other, the bar demands a certain intimacy. My team and I deliberately combined the traditional, classy elements such as the wall tiling with purposefully high quality, modern materials.

Which design attributes make the Josefa stand out from other bars in the city center? How would you describe the atmosphere?

The new brass lampshades provide a charming light which makes every woman look even better. A golden carpet comes into its own. The transparent curtains, in contrast, create a certain width. The niche which has been covered with a special mirror with a corrugated surface made from champagne colored chrome recalls the molded mirrors of the famous photographer Hubertus Hamm. This is how the synthesis of privacy and open-mindedness came about. Our goal was to design the Josefa Bar and the lobby so that it develops a certain pulling power for the visitors as well as for the people of Munich.

What projects were you involved with before your work at the Platzl?

Luxurious materials in targeted, sometimes minimal use – this is something that has always fascinated me, both in Germany and abroad. In addition to private owners, I have also been approached by hotel owners who want to design and update their rooms, entrance areas, spas and suites. My design of the Mavida Hotel, particularly of the bar, resulted in the hotel being much more attractive for people from the local area. Accessibility and liveliness are keywords for me. I have even been known to dream about fabrics, colors and materials.

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