Our new head chef at Wirtshaus Ayingers is Ralf Kießling

We are once again pleased with a new face in the Platzl ensemble. The Bavarian cuisine at Wirtshaus Ayingers is now under the direction of Ralf Kießling. Here you can learn a bit more about the experienced head chef, as revealed in a recent interview.

Mr. Kießling, thank you for taking the time for this interview. Since when have you been employed at Wirtshaus Ayingers, and what do your daily activities look like?

I have been at Wirtshaus Ayingers since December 1st, 2015. My activities include all administrative tasks which arise in the kitchen, including duty roster preparation and vacation planning, coordination of all sequences as well as quality control and ordering goods. In addition, I initiate a dialog with my employees as often as possible, gather ideas and thus try to find inspiration for new dishes for the menu. As a matter of course, I also work at the grill when the lunch and evening business is in progress, pitch in and help during the cleaning work at the end of the day.

Where have you cooked before you came to Wirtshaus Ayingers?

After my training in the Bavarian Oberland region (Schliersee, Valley, Holzkirchen), where I always had to cook the traditional Bavarian cuisine, I moved to Munich 15 years ago. Since that time I no longer wanted to leave the city. I cooked as a sous chef or head chef at Café Forum, Wirtshaus Lohengrins, Beach 38 and at last at Eat The Rich.

What do you especially like at Wirtshaus Ayingers?

The traditional cuisine, the good beer and the sincere employees spontaneously come to my mind. Ayingers is also a real Munich restaurant – genuine and authentic!

What do you want to tackle starting next year? Where is the culinary journey taking us in the next few months?

Of course it will remain authentic Bavarian! But I see a challenge in adding the final touch to the dishes, which are already very good. We want our guests to remember our cuisine even better.

Christmas season means the busiest time of year in the food & beverage industry. How do you still manage to relax after a long working day?

When I greet my wife at home and I see my 2 year-old son sleeping in his bed, I am carefree and satisfied…

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