New year, new resolutions – goals for 2017

As the New Year arrives, people are once again bubbling over with ideas for new resolutions. But however good they might often sound – everybody knows how difficult it is to put them into practice. Only about one person in ten fulfils their resolutions. In last year’s article , we gave you some tips for increasing your personal success rate. This year, we take a look at how successful the Platzl employees were with their resolutions and what they have set their sights on for 2017.

A quick survey: the Platzl resolutions for 2016

Formulating concrete goals, recording them in writing, communicating them openly and tackling them in steps – some of our employees obviously took the tips in last year’s article to heart. Marketing Assistant Alexandra Weber, for example, buckled a snowboard onto her feet and now she is well on the way to turning professional ;-) Elena Fischer-Barnetzki, our woman for Sales and Event Management, wanted to enjoy the little moments more. Since then, every Sunday, she has gone for an extensive stroll through the English Garden, without a mobile phone or any other distractions. Our Director Mr Buchta was also successful – he stayed healthy and has again come up with some more fresh ideas for the Platzl.

New resolutions, new happiness – the Platzl resolutions for 2017

Director Heiko Buchta
“Firstly, I intend to travel more and secondly, to manage Platzl into the next generation. We also have a lot planned for 2017.”

Christopher from Accounts
“I really want to eat more healthily next year!”

Alexandra from Marketing
“I have a big weakness for chocolate, which I want to get under control – especially in the office.”

Trainee Laura
“I am going to put aside one euro every day, and buy myself something nice with the total at the end – at least that is the plan J”

Trainee Julia
“The classic: I want to do more sports and get fitter!”

Adrian from Ayingers
“My New Year’s resolution is to give up smoking.”

Frau Zunn, Assistant of Mr Inselkammer
“I intend to enjoy life more and to make enough time for myself.“

Vero from Sales
“I intend to finish my Master’s thesis by September and to achieve a good result for it.”


Picture source: Kaboompics // Karolina // pexels.com

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