Ayinger’s Inn, a restaurant owned by Platzl Hotel Munich, is known for its excellent, down-to-earth typical Bavarian cuisine served in a cosy atmosphere in a building with a long history.

The place is first mentioned in the records of a master leather craftsman in 1525. The house had many owners over the following centuries. It was home to the Wallners, the court butchers, before the trumpeter Holzhauser acquired it. Later owners included the Lebzelter and Schäffler families. In 1841, the Kaut family acquired the property until it was rebuilt in its present form in 1896–1898 by architect Max Ostenrieder. Parallel to its conversion to today’s Ayinger’s Inn, the Hofbräuhaus across the street also underwent a fundamental transformation. After the redesign, a sausage factory was housed on the ground floor. The upper floors housed a variety of tenants, including a jam business sometime after 1822-23 and the Goldina “cocoa bar”, which eventually became a pub. Soon, the bar was serving more than cocoa, coffee and tea; the wine and champagne would keep flowing until well after midnight! Two years later, the pub received its full operating licence and the Goldina cocoa lounge became the “Café am Platzl”. In February 1927, café operator Max Eigner became the pub landlord and had the premises completely renovated. The café prospered, but the guests were not always the kind a serious restaurateur might have wanted, leading to a rather shady reputation for the café. There was repeated trouble with the law and fighting in the pub. Eventually, Eigner’s debts had piled up enough that led the café to be shut down on 12 September 1933. The pub had numerous owners until war broke out six years later. The pub only reopened after the war, now christened the artist-pub “Simplicissimus”, although that didn’t stay open long. The “Simplicissimus” became the Lola Montez Bar and the building, which had survived the war relatively unscathed, once again started to attract a rather shady clientèle, not unlike that from before the war.

It took a few more decades until the house and the whole Platzl could shake off its bad reputation, culminating in the purchase of the pub by Hans Röder in 1990, who renovated it from top to bottom. The ground floor became home to a café with ice cream parlour and the Princess Garden Chinese restaurant. The first floor became the Dry Club cocktail bar.
In 1997, Platzl KG acquired the building known as the “Ostenrieder House”, renovated it again and turned into a traditional Bavarian restaurant.
On 28 July 2000, the restaurant was christened Ayingers am Platzl 1A, the name by which we still know it today.
The house with its rich, neo-Gothic façade with stones included in the structure and its wide arches is now a listed building. It has developed quite a reputation beyond Munich for its excellent beer.

The Aying Brewery belongs to the Inselkammer family, the owners of the Platzl Hotel, its Pfistermühle restaurant and the Ayinger’s Inn. The brewery was founded in 1999 on Münchner Straße in the village of Aying, 25 km south-east of Munich. At the time, the brewery was one of the most modern breweries in Europe. It now produces 14 beers, all offered at Ayinger’s Inn. The restaurant once again enjoys a very good reputation , due to its large selection of beers and the good quality of food offered in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. Not only do visitors from abroad find the restaurant popular, locals like to come for a good Bavarian beer in the cosy restaurant!

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