Have asparagus in Munich – tasty and healthy

From now on you can enjoy the so called “royal vegetable” in various ways in the Restaurant “Pfistermühle” and in the Inn “Ayingers”.

For all asparagus lovers we have collected some general information and particular information about the asparagus from Pörnbach. Gathered by Daniela Remmele, restaurant manager of the “Pfistermühle”

Asparagus season in Munich – some background information

It is known as a delicacy for a long time: Asparagus. This fine and precious vegetable can be cooked in so many ways and has also positive influence on your health.

But it does not grow everywhere, is demanding to its cultivation. It got an excellent reputation in the last years. On the sandy but nutritious soil in the area around Pörnbach the asparagus has brilliant conditions to grow.

The tertiary sand with a particular amount of silt and clay is the best ground to send out asparagus with unmatched taste. Also it gives it the strong, bit nutty taste.

The harvesting challenge

The harvesting of the asparagus can start at the beginning of May. Up to now it is very costly because the noble green stuff has to be picked individually rod for rod by hand out of the soil. Until Midsummers Day, 24th June, early morning and late afternoon the fields are harvested and wherever a white pole reaches out of the ground it is picked immediately.

The quality of the Pörnbacher asparagus

The asparagus around the area of Pörnbach has an excellent reputation. On the sandy soil can grow a special quality of the noble vegetable. But first with the quality improvement, the close regulations, beginning with the cultivation and ending with the marketing the asparagus from Pörnbach became well known way above the borders of Bavaria as a high quality product. Of cause, also the green asparagus has found his way into this area of cultivation.

Enjoy your asparagus menu with the corresponding wine, in the Restaurant “Pfistermühle” we recommend a Sauvignon Blanc.

2010 Sauvignon blanc “Classique”

Quality wine, dry
Walter Skoff, Gamlitz
South Styria, Austria

0,75l € 32.00
0,2l € 9.50

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