Fun, enjoyment and a voyage of discovery - our Sommerfest 2017

Time flies… it has already been a year since the big Sommerfest for the 60th anniversary, and we would like to look back on the celebration with over 300 guests.

Geh ma zu Dia oder geh ma ins Platzl…? [Shall we go to your place or go to the Platzl?]

For the 60th anniversary, we had something very special planned for the Platzl Sommerfest. Together with Liesl Weapon Platzl owner Peter Inselkammer jun. and hotel manager Heiko Buchta took the stage, and provided traditional Bavarian entertainment, with quatrains accompanied by accordion (so called “Gstanzln”). We even had our own Platzl-Gstanzl with the guests: One thing is clear; “Entweder geh ma zu Dia oder ins Platzl…” [Either we can go to your place or to the Platzl] Have a look at the video and grin along with it.

Bavarian Tapas and a Spatzl at the Platzl

It was not only the entertainment which was in good taste. The kitchen teams at RESTAURANT PFISTERMÜHLE and the WIRTSHAUS AYINGERS conjured up the finest culinary delights. They followed the Platzl motto “Tradition meets modernity” and created Bavarian Tapas. This was served with cold beers from the Ayinger private brewery and wines from trusted winegrowers. Also, the “Spatzl” was very well received - our barman Patrick Melinz’s answer to the classic aperitif “Aperol Spritz”.

Voyage of discovery with partners and friends

Our Sommerfest last year was not only because of the 60th anniversary, we also wanted to celebrate with our guests the completion of all the renovations within the PLATZL HOTEL. Of course, the new “face” of the house was also part of the Sommerfest program: we sent our guests through the renovated hotel, where for example the “Münchner Kindl” or “Karl Valentin” were waiting with questions or tasks. Those who successfully completed the rally had the chance to take part in a competition draw.

We look back on it with pleasure

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