Fitness after work - individual training for our team

It is no longer a secret: Sporting activity not only ensures physical fitness, but also has numerous emotional and mental benefits. People who exercise regularly, sleep better, think positively and have more energy. Many advantages, that we now also want to offer our employees at the Platzl Hotel, with a special initiative.

Platzl heads of department can work out free of charge at “Bi PHiT”

Although most people know many of the positive effects of exercise and sport, they often do not take the next step towards being more active. There are many reasons for this: No time; the inner couch potato; costs; the fear of exercising inadequately and and and....To keep these barriers as small as possible for our employees at Platzl Hotel, we have decided on a very special cooperation: Starting from now, our heads of departments can work out in the gym “Bi PHiT”. The Platzl Hotel will bear the costs, the gym is just 5 minutes away by foot from the hotel, and thanks to the intensive supervision, you are carefully shown the exercises.

“Bi PHiT” – simply work out differently

Initially, there are ten units over several weeks, on the individually developed exercise program. A big advantage: Bi PHiT is not a normal gym. Highly qualified “personal trainers” create an exercise plan, which is matched precisely to the needs of the customer. Furthermore, there are valuable dietary tips from the professionals, and physiotherapists help with recovery after injuries. The exercise units are carried out in small groups, and even straight after work, there is a pleasant atmosphere in the gym (without the hectic pace that you are used to in other gyms).

“Fitness after work”

If the campaign is well received by our heads of departments, soon all Platzl employees will be able to take advantage of this offer, with the motto ‘Fitness after work’. ‘As an attractive employer, we want to contribute to more vitality, physical performance, health and wellbeing of our most important asset - our employees,’ says Platzl Manager Heiko Buchta. We look forward to seeing how well the initiative is received!

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