Easter in Munich

There are lots of different events of any kind during the Easter holidays in Munich. In addition to traditional religious services and processions as well as numerous cultural events there are also a lot of families-specials during the Easter time. In our special blog post about Easter in Munich, we present the main events and give you a suggestion for “the best Easter day in Munich”.

Easter in the Christianity

Easter is celebrated at the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring in every year. The date for the beginning of spring is March 21. For this reason, the exact date of the Easter holidays is different every year. This year, the Easter holidays are particularly late: The Easter Sunday falls on April 24, 2011.

During the Easter holidays, processions and traditional services take place in the Catholic and Protestant churches in Munich. See an overview here. You can also visit these websites for more information about the services in the Catholic and the Protestant Churches.

Good Friday

  • procession from the church “Michaelskirche“ to the church “Alter Peter”
  • The services on Good Friday are held simultaneously at 15:00 clock. This is the time of the death of Jesus Christ written in the Bible.

Please note that events for public entertainment (eg sporting events, performances by bands in restaurants, nightclubs and other dance events) are prohibited in Munich by law on Good Friday.

Holy Saturday

  • Is known as the day of preparation for the resurrection of Jesus Christ and is the last day of the 40-day Lent
  • There are no regularly services held on this day of silent grief

Easter Sunday / Easter Monday

  • On Easter Sunday the Christianity celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • With this day starts the 50-day Easter season, which lasts until Pentecost
  • During the traditional Easter worship services the sanctification of the food for the Easter breakfast takes places

Easter Markets in Munich and the surrounding area

There are several markets on the occasion of the Easter holidays in Munich and the surrounding area. Depending on the location, visitors to the Easter markets will be inspired by handicrafts and textiles for their own home and are usually spoiled with culinary highlights. Below we have compiled some of the most beautiful Easter markets for you:

At Easter in Munich, you can expect …

At Easter in the environs of Munich, you can expect …

Easter for the family

Thanks to the Bavarian school holidays (Easter 2011: 18.04 – 30.04), young families can do a very extensive family program in Munich at Easter time. One of the highlights is the family festival in the Olympic Park in Munich, which every year attracts several thousand visitors. The festival takes place on Easter Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The quests will experience clowns and magicians, a bouncy castle, face painting and much more. Furthermore the show program of a Munich radio station and a special band for children will entertain the guests on a stage.

In addition to the Easter festival in the Olympic Park the annual search for over 60,000 chocolate Easter eggs in the Hellabrunn Zoo on Easter Sunday and the Easter program of Lilalu let the children in Munich having a good time.

Culture at Easter in Munich – Platzl Hotel Munich tip for the “perfect Easter Sunday”

Are searching for a perfect blend of tradition, culture and pleasure at Easter? Be inspired by our proposal for the “perfect Easter Sunday”! We are looking forward to further proposals of your perfect Easter Day on the comments.