Circus Krone in Munich is Europe’s largest circus. The winter programme runs until April 2012 and sees a total of 39 artistes, animal trainers and clowns from ten countries present their art and amaze audiences with daring performances, truly ‘hilarious’ shows and fascinating animal acrobatics.

Source: www.circus-krone.de

The circus was founded in 1905 by Karl Krone, originally as an animal exhibition. Krone later had the idea of setting up a permanent circus at the site. The 4,000-seater venue for this was opened in Munich in 1919. Despite all the turmoil of war between 1939 and 1944, the show went on at Circus Krone, which toured as a tented circus in the summer and spent the winter in the circus building in Munich. In 1944, however, the building was completely destroyed in air raids and all the humans and animals had to be evacuated. Nonetheless, the circus was able to perform again shortly after the end of the war in the newly-built ‘Krone building’. The end of 1962 saw the opening of the new Circus Krone, which remains the most modern and largest circus building in Europe. Since the death of the founder, Karl Krone, the circus has been run by his granddaughter, Christel Sembach-Krone.

Here are a some statistics from Circus Krone that you may be interested to know:

  • The unique entrance facade of the Circus Krone tent is made out of two 12-metre long, 28-ton trucks.
  • The tent city covers and area of 30,000 m2.
  • The facility as a whole encompasses 330 trailers, baggage and equipment vehicles, comfortable stables and the largest mobile circus tent in the world, with a seated capacity of 5,000.
  • Circus Krone has a complete infrastructure, including workshops, kitchens, a school, fire service, utilities, building department, press office, waste disposal system and its own power source.
  • The circus has around 400 inhabitants and 250 animals, including ten lions, four tigers, seven elephants, a hippopotamus, a rhinoceros, around sixty horses and numerous apes, pigs, goats, zebras, parrots and much more.
  • There’s even a ‘Circus Krone Street’ in Munich!

Source: www.circus-krone.de

Circus Krone’s winter programme will run until 15th April 2012. The show consists of three completely different circus performances.

Source: www.circus-krone.de

Visit the official Website for more information about Circus Krone and the actual programme.

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