Known by other names around Germany, the original Bavarian name for this cream cheese is Obatzda, a real speciality of the region and usually served as part of a light supper. Bavarians prefer eating it sprinkled with fresh chives while sipping a cold beer in a beer garden. Rye bread, pretzels and radishes are served as accompaniments.

The history of Obatzda

This regional delicacy was originally born out of necessity. Not wanting to throw away leftover cheese during times of food shortage, it was mixed with butter and spices and served again. There are many different recipe variants, depending on taste and availability of ingredients. Mostly, Camembert or another soft cheese used and the main spice is paprika. Obatzda was first offered at the Weihenstephan pub in Freising in the 1920s and this Freising invention has since become popular far beyond the borders of Bavaria. Obatzda has since become an essential part of Bavarian cuisine and is becoming more and more popular around the world.


Als besondere Empfehlung des Hauses haben wir hier für Sie das Originalrezept:

200 g cream cheese
200 g Brie or mature Camembert
200 g butter
ground or coarse caraway
salt, pepper and lots of paprika
onion rings and/or chives for garnish
Serve with fresh pretzels

Mash cheese with a fork, mix with the butter until a coarse, soft mass is formed.
Then mix in the caraway, salt, pepper and paprika.
Allow to stand for 30 minutes and season again if necessary.
Decorate the Obatzda with onion or chives and serve with pretzels on a wooden cheese board.

If don’t have the time to make it yourself, you can always come to the Wirtshaus Ayingers and let the staff bring the Obatzda to your table. Why not try the speciality on the sunny terrace?

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