09/05/2018 //

In July we introduced our first basic value of the Platzl Hotel. Now you know why we at the Platzl are straightforward, authentic, or in short REAL. ... [...]

07/23/2018 //

 A new addition to the Platzl family: In autumn, we are opening our “little sister” the MARIAS PLATZL in the Munich district of Au-Haidhausen. The... [...]

07/23/2018 //

For years the Platzl kitchens have bought their fish from the Birnbaum fish farm on Ammersee. To celebrate our successful collaboration fittingly, a... [...]

07/04/2018 //

Our highest priority at the Platzl Hotel is to make every guest happy, during every visit. The high quality of the hotel and the unmistakeable Platzl... [...]

04/27/2018 //

Time flies… it has already been a year since the big Sommerfest for the 60th anniversary, and we would like to look back on the celebration with over... [...]

04/27/2018 //

Not much longer until summer starts, and Munich lives up to its reputation as the Northernmost city in Italy. Balmy summer evenings await, which you... [...]

04/27/2018 //

Since Heiko Buchta took over management of the Platzl Hotel, much has been renewed and begun. The latest of his endeavors involves the introduction of... [...]

04/26/2018 //

The catering within the Platzl Hotel – in particular, the Pfistermühle Restaurant and the Wirtshaus Ayingers – has much to offer in terms of culinary... [...]

04/01/2018 //

Dear readers, spring is just around the corner, and what could be nicer in the sunshine, with the countryside coming into bloom, than a little trip on... [...]

03/20/2018 //

Watch out gin lovers: At the JOSEFA BAR & KAFFEE an extensive and carefully selected range of gin-specialties awaits you. Our bar maid Sandra used her... [...]

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