Menu recommendation


Pikeperch on a stick

with lentils and curry foam

* * *

Essence of ox

with roulade of black pudding

* * *

Three ways of suckling pig

smoked cheeks, boiled knuckle and fried saddle

on creamed Sauerkraut with mini potato dumplings

* * *

Mousse of parish fair beer

with ice cream of spiced bread and plum compote


 54,00 €


From the wine cellar:

2011  Iphöfer Julius-Echter-Berg

    Riesling Spätlese

    Weingut Hans Wirsching

    Franconia, Germany

0,75 l     39,00 €

2012   Würzburger Pfaffenberg

Spätburgunder, Erste Lage

    Weingut Juliusspital, Würzburg

    Franconia, Germany

0,75 l     59,50 €

- All prices include value added tax -


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