H - Q

Hairdresser - A hairdresser is situated directly in the hotel building.

Internet - Internet connect in all guestrooms to the free LAN. Handling can be found on the information in the room. Free WIFI is available in the Lobby, and on the 1st and 2nd floor.

Ironing-Service - Please contact Reception. You find a list of charges in the wardrobe.

Jogging - In a short distance from the Hotel is the famous English Garden, ideal for your recreation. Please take the brochure in this folder.

Laundry (Open Monday to Friday) - Please bring your laundry to Reception until 08.45 a.m.. The laundry will then be returned until 7.00 p.m. the same day.

Limousine service - the team of our partner and the modern, well-kept fleet are available around the clock to meet your needs.

Luggage - Our luggage porters will store your luggage. Please contact reception.

Massage - We can arrange an appointment with a masseur who will take care of you in the hotel.

Mattress - If your mattress is too soft for you, please contact Reception.

Messages - If the red light at your telephone is on, there is a message on your answering machine. To listen to the message please press the button next to the red light. If there is no message audible please call Reception.

Moorish Kiosk - The undefinedMoorish Kiosk recreation area is divided into three areas:
- Fitness room: Treadmill and bicycles
- Wet area: Sauna, aroma steam bath, footbath and experience showers
- Rest area: Heat bench, light therapy, solarium
The room key gives access to the recreation area.

newspapers - You will find a selection of local, national and international newspapers for sale at the front desk. Additionally you will find an order form in your room on which you can mark your newspaper requested. Please hang it outside your door until 02:00 a.m. and you will have your newspaper at your door until 09:00 a.m.. We also arrange your international newspaper printed on demand, please inform us one day in advance.

Parking  - see undefinedGarage

Pets - Pets are welcome in our hotel. For a final cleaning of the room we charge € 25.00 for the whole stay. Dog covers and feeding bowls are available.

Photocopies - Please call Reception.

Pillows - for a special pillow please select from our variety: head rest pillow, new wool pillow, spelt fleece pillow.

Private Mail - Your postcards and letters as well as small parcels will be delivered to the post office. Please give them to Reception from Monday to Thursday until 04.00 p.m. and on Fridays until 03.00 p.m.. If we receive mail during your stay it will be delivered to your room.

Post Cards - A large choice of postcards is available from reception.