Why "Platzl"?

If you say "Platzl" in Munich, it can mean the functional location type of the expanded streets in the heart of the historic village, the entertainment complex, which used to be located immediately next to it, or the neighbouring hotel with the same name. All three "Platzl" are located in the heart of the city, between Altem Hof and Hofbräuhaus.

Artists, craftsmen and officials have left behind traces

Once upon a time, many artists lived and worked in the area, such as Kaspar Amort, Hans Ährnhofer, or Phillip Jakob Zwerger, craftsmen and officials. For a while, even the powerful nobles of Degenberger had their "city residence" here. The Münze, Hofpfisterei, later a royal pump house, and the famous bock beer cellar all stood here before the folk singers of the Platzl stage and others moved in at the turn of the 20th century.

Inviting taverns and exiquisite shops

Today, the square has inviting taverns, such as the Pfistermühle restaurant, the Wirtshaus Ayingers and many more along with exquisite shops. Private parties and companies at the Platzl, Münzstraße, Sparkassenstrasse, and Pfisterstrasse and the so-called "Platzl Alleys" passages between these streets, Alfons Schuhbeck’s cooking school found its home.