10/25/2013 // General

The probably most famous Bavarian football team is celebrated and worshipped by Munich locals and its fans. The popular Munich football club plays a... [...]

09/17/2013 // Offers

With the Champions League opener on September 17 in the Allianz Arena, the German record holders’ exciting battle for the title kicks off. On October... [...]

09/17/2013 // General

The Platzl Hotel team and the Inselkammer family is glad once again to have been awarded the 4-star superior hotel rating. [...]

09/17/2013 // General

The Munich Residence is one of the most popular and famous sights in Munich. Many visitors feel magically attracted to the four lions on... [...]

09/17/2013 // Events

After the hot tropical temperatures of the last few months, autumn is slowly encroaching on the region, revealing the city in a very special light.... [...]

08/19/2013 // General

Ayingers Inn is the ideal place to kick off a beautiful Oktoberfest day or maybe bring it to a successful close. Here you can experience vibrant... [...]

08/19/2013 // Offers

Oktoberfest is just around the corner! From 21 September–6 October, the largest volksfest in the world will once again take place at the... [...]

08/19/2013 // General

With Oktoberfest just around the corner, it’s time to dust off our dirndls and lederhosen. After all, one shouldn’t visit Oktoberfest without wearing... [...]

08/19/2013 // Events

You can already feel the anticipation in the air as the 180th Oktoberfest comes around the corner. From 21 September–6 October, Oktoberfest will once... [...]

07/12/2013 // General


Taking in the sun, enjoying the heat, relaxing in nature, sports, famous sites, and discovering exciting attractions, savouring ice cream, shopping...


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