Environmental conservation


Awards - Because of our environmentally-friendly management, our company has on several occasions received the Gold Medal awarded by the Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment, Health and Consumer Protection, as well as the Environment Prize awarded by the council of the state capital, Munich.

Avoiding waste and separating recyclables - Waste is avoided as far as possible and disposed of separately. Recyclables are returned to the materials cycle.

Ball pens have been replaced in the rooms and the conference area with pencils.

Batteries - To a great extent we do not use batteries containing toxic heavy metals. The remaining batteries are low in mercury, mainly rechargeable and are recycled after use.

Biological waste - Intermediate storage takes place in a separate cooled room. Biological waste is used to generate energy.

Breakfast buffet - The breakfast buffet has a wide range of fresh products. Portion packs have been largely eliminated.

Buying - Our buyers look out for multiway containers and possibilities of returns. In the food sector we focus on regional products.

CFC - We use only spray cans with pump atomisers. All refrigerators and cooling plant were replaced with CFC-free systems.Cleaning agents and detergents are mainly free of phosphate, formaldehyde, chlorine, sulphate and bleaching agents.

Electricity saver switch - The rooms have a main power switch.

Energy-saving lamps - The hotel rooms, corridors and external facilities are fitted with compact fluorescent lamps.

Environment marketing - The management realises environmental protection consistently. An energy management system was introduced to show weak points.

Fertiliser - We do not use mineral fertilisers in our gardens. We use compost earth to improve the quality of the soil.

Floor trolleys - Our room-cleaning service separates waste as well, which is why our floor trolleys are equipped with a separator system.

Flow restrictors and aerators are installed in all shower and washbasin fittings; water consumption is restricted without reducing water pressure.

Insect spray is not used in our hotel.

Laundry - Guarantees correct care of your laundry and has been awarded a hygiene certificate and quality mark.

Shampoo and soap dispensers replace plastic bottles; the contents reach the highest quality standard.

Suppliers are selected, wherever possible, on the basis of environmental criteria.

Tabacco - In accordance with our guests' wishes the majority of our rooms are non-smoking rooms. The breakfast room and the restaurant areas are for non-smokers.

WC´s are fitted with flush stops that restrict the water volume.