Prime boiled beef

Our specialty prime boiled beef from the copper pot

The Restaurant Pfistermühle has a special treat for you.
Prime boiled beef in broth from the copper pot.

First the broth spooned from the copper pot
served with white sausage dumplings or homemade pancake stripes.

As a main course, the prime boiled beef
served with boiled root vegetables from the copper pot.
As side dishes we serve grated fried potatoes,
apple-horseradish and chives sauce.

Finally, we will serve you
fresh toasted bread to the boiled bone marrow.

29,50 € per person


World cup - Bavaria meets Brasil:

28,50 €

„Bobo de Camaráo“
Crispy fried pikeperch on scampi-tomato ragout in curry-coco milk sauce
with fried banana and lime-fragrant riche

Homemade Linguine fresh from the Parmesan cheese loaf

16,50 €

At your choice we recommend

Fried scampi
with melted cherry tomatoes 11,50 €

Slices of ox
with spring onions 12,50 €

Black truffles 10,50 €


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