Bavaria Film City

Are you still looking for an idea for an excursion that makes your day into an unforgettable experience, regardless of the weather?

Bavaria Film city in the south of Munich offers 300,000 square metres of exciting insight into the origins of well-known movies and television series. Currently, you can admire the lavish backdrop of the action movie “Big Game” that has just been shot with Samuel L. Jackson in the lead role, along with the replica Air Force One and associated rescue capsule. In addition, a live view into the broadcast studio of the first German auction channel, and the vampire bar from “Vampire Sisters 2 – Bats in the belly” are there to be discovered.

The film sets of great cinema classics such as “Das Boot” or “The Never ending Story”, are impressively bought to life with their 90-minute tours along the reconstructed streets of the film sets and large sound stages. In addition to the existing attractions, such as the hotel reception at the Duke’s Palace Hotel from the telenovela ” Storm of Love (Sturm der Liebe)”, the Viking village “Flake” from “Wicki and the strong men” and the ice cave from “Wicki on a long journey,”; the technically sophisticated replica suites of the Munich Residenz from the movie “Ludwig II” have been open since 2012 for you to marvel at. Since 2013 there has also been the opportunity for active talent to present the weather forecast in front of the appropriate studio backdrop.
With the theatrical release of “Lissi and the Wild Emperor” in 2007 Michael Bully Herbig entered the Bavaria Film City. Experience the Wild Emperor ride in the 4D cinema with moving theatre seats and breath-taking sound and special effects.
The absolute highlight for fans of Michael Bully Herbig is the 1,500-square-foot interactive world of film discoveries “Bullyversum” in which, amongst others, one is taken through his three major feature films ” Manitou’s Shoe “, “Spaceship Surprise Period 1″ and “Lissi and the Wild Emperor”. With attractions such as the trip to the golden time bed, Mozart ball (Mozartkugel) shooting in the garden of Castle Schöngrün and a Spaceship Surprise live film shoot, there is much for everyone to discover here. You can also be enchanted by “Hui Buh The Castle Ghost” in a 3D cinema show and then put your talent to work as a voice actor in a scene including feedback from Bully. All in all the “Bullyversum” provides about 300 original exhibits – including props and costumes from Bully’s new movie “Buddy”, 2D and 3D projection and a lot of hands-on activities. The Platzl Hotel München hopes you’ll have a lot of fun!


More information about Bavaria Fimstadt and the “Bullyversum” can be found here.

Picture source: Bavaria Filmstadt

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