Breakfast in Platzl Hotel Munich – the perfect start to the day

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day according to nutritionists. In order to spend a day successfully and to maintain a high level of performance and concentration, an organism requires energy. A healthy breakfast should hence contain carbohydrates, fibres and vitamins in particular.

The best option would be to start the day with a relaxing breakfast in Platzl Hotel. The breakfast offer consists of a large variety of food items which are highly valued by the guests due to their freshness and consistent quality standard.

‘‘The breakfast is excellent. The variety and quality is very good and offers something for every taste.’’ – ‘‘…a breakfast which leaves no wishes unmet.’’, are only two of several statements made by the inspired guests.

The variety extends from savoury dishes such as the Bavarian white sausages and meat loafs to home-backed items such as wafers and croissants. For balanced vitamin intake, seasonal fruits and freshly pressed juices are offered.

Coffee and tea lovers also get their money worth since each morning, freshly brewed Dallmayr coffee and incredible tee types are offered.

picture source: flickr (OiMax)

In order to satisfy the different needs of the guests with regard to their breakfast timings, the breakfast buffet is served daily from 06:30 to 11:00. On weekends, the breakfast service is offered till 12:00 so you can switch off your alarm clock calmly.

For hotel guests, the breakfast buffet is already included in the room price. If you are not spending a night at Platzl Hotel but still want to enjoy the extensive breakfast buffet, you can do so for a price of 20.00 €.



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