The Open Air Season has begun: a slice of the Munich way of life

The winter with its record cold temperatures is now finally over and spring is already upon us. As soon as the temperatures rise Nature will reawaken from her winter slumber – the first flowers will sprout and the trees will begin to grow leaves.

Picture source: Flickr (Allie Caulfield)

A time in which theMunichway of life is particularly apparent. Locals and tourists from around the world meet at theEnglishGardento go for walks, play sports or enjoy the first rays of sunshine. The surfers on the Eisbach are once again a popular attraction in spring, who attract countless onlookers.

The city centre is full of pedestrians who stroll along the small streets and stand before the numerous display windows to take a look at them. The various cafés and restaurants also begin the open air season as soon as the first warm rays of sun appear. There are now hardly any free spaces to find where no-one is sitting, taking in the sun, while enjoying a cappuccino or a refreshing Aperol Spritz.

Picture source: Flickr (siegertmarc)

At the Ayingers Inn the guests can enjoy the Munich way of life with a freshly pulled beer and Bavarian delicacies, and from the beginning of March on sit at a table outdoors; the Restaurant Pfistermühle follows by the middle of April at the latest. Let your soul unwind, refuel on energy and experience theMunichway of life with traditional specialties in a relaxing atmosphere.


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