Ecological awareness and environmental protection in the Platzl Hotel Munich

Every three years the eco-label for the hospitality industry is re-evaluated by the Bavarian Ministry for Environmental Protection. In the last evaluation the Platzl Hotel Munich achieved 259 points of 300 possible points and got the “Gold Award”.

The Platzl Hotel continuously keep at it – through training of staff and trainees, current information and guidelines by circulars and notices on the “green tree” in the personnel area. Regular reviews of the prescribed standards for environmental protection as well as the personal contact and trainings between the staff and the environmental protection officer have caused this excellent result.

Environmental protection does not only extend to the Platzl Hotel Munich itself – it is also practiced in the Ayingers Inn and Restaurant Pfistermühle. Guests can have the good feeling to enjoy Bavarian hospitality with the best ecological point of view, since each of the 150 employees working under the aspect the “green conscience”.

The ecological consciousness starts in the Purchasing Department. Food and drinks are mostly purchased from local producers and processed in the kitchens. Thus it is ensured that the transport distances are short. This supports local farmers, who guarantee the humane treatment of animals.

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