The Oktoberfest at the Platzl: Bavarian Tradition at the Ayingers Inn, the Restaurant Pfistermühle and the Platzl Bar

Not only at the Theresienwiese, but also in and around the Platzl Hotel Munich it is very traditional and festive during the Oktoberfest. With Bavarian decoration and fresh draft beer you are welcomed at the Ayingers Inn, the Restaurant Pfistermühle and the Platzl Bar in the heart of Munich’s historical city center. The bottom-fermented and unfiltered beer speciality of the brewery Aying has an alcohol strength of 5.8 % and 13.8 ° original wort. It can be classified as a separate type of beer between March and dark export beer. Furthermore you can enjoy traditional Bavarian cuisine. At the Ayingers Inn there is a special compiled Oktoberfest menu. Beside juicy chicken you can also find many other Oktoberfest treats.

Enjoy your meal! We wish you a great time at the Oktoberfest!

>> “Oktoberfest” – delicacies at Ayingers Inn

Ayingers In

Restaurant Pfistermühle

Bavarian delicacies at Ayingers Inn

Pictures: Platzl Hotel MunichArmbrustschützenzelt

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